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I layer carnal complexity and emotional depth onto masculine figures populating my work; these choices in the imagery I contrive are also emotionally in congruence with personal topics. Creating images of physically strong men composed in vulnerable situations reflects the way I feel when expressing emotions. Hiding emotions and disguising them for easy consumption by others is human nature. For instance, we provide others with the illusion of strength and internally take refuge protecting oneself.

A rhetoric of idioms and analogies become a strong element in my work that proliferates the intricacy of content. The idea of “falling in/out of love,” “sinking,” “being held down,” “taking a risk,” or “protecting your heart,” are all cliched quotes. I take these literal terms and successionally unveil my emotional self to the audience in depths not possible through everyday social interactions.

Merging imagery of complicated circumstances with the noise of subdued color and contrast between lights and darks help further my thesis of offering something to hide behind. These restrained colors are used to represent human emotion and further the emphasis of sadness and uncertainty of the situational experiences. The use of strong bodied men help to quickly capture attention while the situations are meant to validate the complexities of emotions.